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BrainControl: AI and wearable devices for Assistive Technologies
School of Engineering
Largo Lucio Lazzarino
Pisa June, 25 – h. 10.30
5 million people worldwide suffer from severe communication and mobility disabilities due to ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies, ischemic or traumatic injury. Based on a proprietary Brain-Computer Interfaces technology, Braincontrol interprets the electric map that corresponds with certain brain activity and allows patients to control a communicator, home controls and other assistive technologies. The talk will present the Braincontrol technology which started as a research project at the University of Siena and it is today a CE class I Medical Device, available on the market forthe benefit of end-users.
Pasquale Fedele
CEO and founder of Liquidweb, Italy
Pasquale Fedele is CEO and founder of Liquidweb, a start-up company focusing on life science and enterprise solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, mobile and pervasive technologies, such as BrainControl, a device that gives people the ability to control assistive technologies with their thoughts. In 2017 he received the award Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. He received a MBA in December 2004 and a Master's Degree in Computer Science in July 2001, both from the University of Siena. He has worked as research associate at the University of Siena on several national and international research projects and as contract professor on “Object-oriented design” and “Telematic networks management”. His research interests includes Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technologies, Human-Machine Interaction, mobile services, virtual workspaces, smart environments and proactive contextual information systems.
Referente: Luca Fanucci