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AZIENDA PROPONENTEEGO- European Gravitational Observatory

Breve descrizione dell’attività svolta dall’azienda:

The Virgo interferometer is the most sensitive gravitational-wave detector in Europe. It was realized in partnership between the French and Italian institutes CNRS and INFN. It involves a wide collaboration of almost 250 scientists and engineers. After a deep modification of the interferometer, to give birth to a new generation detector called Advanced Virgo (AdV), and after the successful science run together with the LIGO detectors, the instrument is now being commissioned to become fully operative for the second stage of sensitivity improvement.

The EGO Consortium (European Gravitational Observatory), located in Cascina, near Pisa –Italy, hosts the Virgo detector and has been also deeply involved in the design and construction of Advanced Virgo. In particular, the electronics group of EGO Interferometer Technology Department is in charge of the electronics of input optics system for AdV.

An essential part of the detector is the electronics for the front-end associated with light sensors used in the experiment and that of the control systems. Several feedback loops necessary to meet the project sensitivity requirements need to guarantee high performance both in terms of noise suppression and dynamics. This holds true for the Residual Amplitude Modulation Stabilization (RAMS). Its goal is to suppress the unwanted amplitude modulation introduced as a collateral effect of the phase modulation of the Advanced Virgo Laser beam to values of the order of few parts per billion of the sideband amplitude. This represents a very challenging goal and a system with this level of performance cannot simply be bought on the market. Therefore, it must be custom developed. Within the Electronics Group, the student will be in charge to design and then build the printed circuit board for RAMS Servo electronics using electronic design CAD software packages. Once the unit is fully assembled, its complete characterization will be required with adequate laboratory instrumentation to validate its performance and certify it meets the specifications.

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Descrivere le attività per cui viene ricercato un candidato: She/he will at first get acquainted with the software tools used at EGO for electronic board design and afterwards become familiar with the instrumentation available in the electronics laboratory up to the point where he can use it autonomously, with confidence, and reliably.

Requisiti e competenze richieste: The applicant should have completed (or complete soon) his/her third year of Electronics study at University level (Bachelor/Laurea triennale).

English required. Good attitude to electronic experimental work is an asset.

European citizenship, no criminal convictions.

Classi di laurea: The applicant should have completed (or complete soon) his/her third year of Electronics study at University level (Bachelor/Laurea triennale).

Livello di istruzione (laureando/laureato triennale/laureato magistrale): Laureando

Altro: Considering the lack of public means of transport to reach the site, it is preferable having a car.


Città di lavoro: Pisa, Italy

Tipo di contratto: Internship contract

Durata (mesi): 5 months (The activity may start on February, 2018)

Salario offerto: 500 Euro

Validità offerta: Until position is filled