In order to verify availability of courses, study plans, professional job outlets and other useful information regarding the type of test necessary to enroll, connect to UNIPI's WEBSITE and to SUA pages (Scheda Unica Annuale) describing the academic offer, objectives and prerequisites for the admission to Degree Courses.

For the 2018-2019 a. y. Enrollment Procedures differ depending on the course with the following scheme: 

Even if the course is defined as "free access" the TOLC-I test must be mandatorily passed (check on the  CISIA website) with a score of at least 8 in mathematics . A successfull fullfillment of the TOLC-I test is foreseen in any case  for all courses with the exception of the long-cycle degree in Ingegneria edile-architettura.

• Ingegneria aerospaziale - free access
• Ingegneria biomedica - section for titles
• Ingegneria chimica - free access
• Ingegneria civile ambientale e edile- free access
• Ingegneria dell'energia- free access
• Ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni- section for titles
• Ingegneria edile-architettura - national competition
• Ingegneria elettronica- section for titles
• Ingegneria gestionale- free access
• Ingegneria informatica- section for titles
• Ingegneria meccanica- free access

For students enrolled starting from 2018-2019 at the University of Pisa School of Engineering, the fullfillment of the English test within TOLC-I does not cover the 3 credits of the English Language to be held during bachelor studies

For details the suggestion is to check the portal MATRICOLANDOSI.  It is possible to enroll even without having passed  the TOLC-I or TIT test. One of these tests (TOLC-I or TIT) must be passed in order to have the possibility to seat for exams.



Enrolling to a bachelor course

Starting from a.y. 2015-16 the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa has adopted the Test on line (TOLC-I) managed by Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l'Accesso (CISIA).

High school students (starting from the 4th year) can participate to the Test registering directly on the CISIA website (see instructions here following).

High school students that already took  (even previously) the TOLC-I test of CISIA obtaining al least a score of 8 in the Mathematics section, will be allowed to enroll to Engineering Bachelor Courses (with free access) without OFA and wothout undertaking other TOLC-I.

Enrolling to a master course

Based on Decree Law dated 16.03.2007 (establishing Masters Degrees), master courses graduates need to be able to use fluently, both oral and written, at leat one of the EU languages in addition to the Italian Language. 
Teaching Regulations of all masters Degrees adopt this rule and ask, for all new students, at least a B2 level of the English Language knowledge.
Starting from a.y. 2018-19 students enrolled to Masters Courses, regardless of the entrance test results, will need to hand out a certification attesting a level not lower than B2,  or will be summoned, upon enrollmet, from the Presidens of the Degree courses Boards for a quick test of the language level. The language assessment is a prerequisite for the registration of exams in the student's career.

Admission to Degree courses  of  Classe di Laurea L-8

Students wishing to enroll to one of the following bachelor courses: Ingegneria Biomedica; Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni; Ingegneria Elettronica; Ingegneria Informatica, will need to undergo a selection for titles as specified in the Call published on  the dedicated section of UNIPI's website. Dowload the guide for registration instructions. The Call for A.Y. 2018/19 2018/19 is published on UNIPI's website.

Long Cycle Master Degree Course in Ingegneria Edile Architettura

For the Long Cycle Degree Course in  Ingegneria Edile Architettura enrollement is subject to participation to a national contest that allows a planned access, for which each university establish avialble  places and issues the relevant call. To apply to the contest it is mandatory to previously register on the portal and to choose the call. Registratio will allow to check results and rankings.

All info is available on UNIPI's website: (check all sections):


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