Those that do not have an English language Knowledge certificate (corresponding to a B1) can use a dedicated session (optional) of the Test that is specifically finalized at verifying the english language knowledge:

5. English: 30 questions, 15 minutes/each. 

No penalities are gived for wrong answers and the score is with the following criteria:

- 1 point for correct answers;
- 0 points for not given or wrong answers. 
For students enrolled up to 2017-2018 a.y. a score of at least 26/30 in the english language test represents, with reference to the access at ad Engineering courses in Pisa, a certification of english language competence equal a B1 level of CEFR. 
Notice: certification of english language competence is mandatory for all the engineering courses (see at the dedicated section).

For students enrolled starting from 2018-2019 at the University of Pisa School of Engineering, the fullfillment of the English test within TOLC-I does not cover the  3 credits of the English Language  to be held during the bachelor studies.

UNIPI offers to enrolled students the possibility to seat for an English Language Knowledge Evaluation Test  free of charge at CLI (Centro Linguistico Interuniversitario).