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The EU Erasmus+ Programme for education, training, youth and sport allows students to develop a study and traineeship experience abroad in one of the participating Programme Countries. Students acquire ECTS credits that are subsequently recognized at their Home Institution.

Study mobilities are based on Inter-Institutional Agreements between the student Home Institution and one or more Departments at University of Pisa (UNIPI).

Traineeship mobilities are based on direct contacts between the student and a supervisor at UNIPI.


Procedure for Students interested in a mobility at one of the Engineering Departments


STEP 1 - NOMINATION (only for study mobilities)

The International Office at the Home Institution needs to send official nomination for the selected student at the International Office Engineering (by e-mail, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Deadline for sending nomination and application for a mobility in the I semester or for the whole academic year is mid-July

Deadline for sending nomination and application for a mobility in the II semester is mid-December


After receiving notice of the nomination acknowledgment, in order to apply for a mobility, it is necessary to send to the International Office Engineering (by e-mail, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

Courses must be chosen according to the Academic Offer for the academic year of reference (available in Italian and in English translation on UNIPI’s website) and paying attention to the semester during which they are offered.

The updated academic offer is pubblished on UNIPI's website in June, yearly. The International Office Engineering will send nominated students a pdf file with the updated offer by mid-April.

When choosing courses it is particularly important to check that:

  1. courses are offered by the Department and in the ISCED area and level covered by the agreement with Home Institution
  2. we allow students to include courses, with a certain degree of flexibility, from all our 3 Engineering Departments but this is subject to assessment
  3. it is also possible to include a max. of 2 courses from other UNIPI Departments but this is subject to approval from the relevant Erasmus Coordinators
  4. if courses are chosen from different years of course and/or degrees it is highly probable that there will be overlapping of classes
  5. courses are offered in the semester covered by the mobility
  6. Yearly courses  ( E ) can eventually be split up in modules but this is subject to approval from the teacher
  7. It is possible to include one or more Italian language courses, for 4 ECTS credits each. Only the first course is free of charge
  8. The possibility to include a final project in the LA is subject to confirmation of availability of a supervisor in Pisa
  9. Our offer at undergratuate level is totally taught in Italian Language. Bachelor students can only choose courses offered at Bachelor level. In case of Bachelor courses lasting more that 3 years, BSc students can access courses at Masters level if they have completed all the activities of their 3rd year.

The majority of our courses are offered in Italian language. The offer in English Language is limited to specific areas and degrees.

Classes timetable and the academic calendar are available, on this website in the “Studiare a Ingegneria” section.

The International Office Engineering sends back the signed LA after checking eligibility.


After Receving from the International Office Engineering a signed copy of the Learning Agreement and before leaving the Home Institution it is necessary to register online through the Alice portal in order to receive UNIPI's credentials, follow instructions proveded in the Guide for Registration

Note: students with a non-EU nationaly will be requested to fill in data regarding the Residence Permit but, for the moment, they can skip the section (usign "next") to reach the following window.


Soon available more information about on-line application on ErasmusMobility portal




-Register (this is not mandatory) to the Italian Language Test*

-Only NON-EU nationals: apply for the Residence Permit or. A post office receipt attesting submission of the application for a residence permit is mandatory in order to gent the appointment for enrollment.

Please notice that non-EU Erasmus students who come from Schengen countries can be exempted from the Italian entry visa.

Non-EU Erasmus students coming from Schengen countries, within the first 8 working days after arrival, must go to the Questura (Police Headquarters), located in Via Lalli 3, and fill in the “dichiarazione di presenza” (declaration of presence). General info are available at where the students can see the form to be filled too.

Students accepted for a mobility at one of the Engineering Departments must also report, during the first days after arrival, to the International Office Engineering in order to receive the arrival certificate and for the final check of the Learning Agreement.

The International Office Engineering is located inside the School of Engineering (building B46 – Polo A

Largo Lucio Lazzarino, 1 - 56122 Pisa, Italy

Opening hours: 

For DICI : Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9,30 to 11,30

For DII : Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9,30 to 11,30

For DESTEC : Monday and Friday 9,30 to  11,30

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A detailed description of the above mentioned steps and useful information regarding accomodation, visa/residence permit, welcome services, are available on the ErasmusMobility portal

The Engineering International Office usually organize a Welcome Event for Incoming students in order to provide assistance and information needed during the fist days of the mobility. Participation is suggested but not compulsory. Date and time of the event are notified by the office to selected students in due time.


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*Italian Language Courses

Erasmus students are offered the possibility to follow a first course of Italian Language offered by the Linguistic Center (CLI).

To access courses it is necessary to:

-register on CLI’s website and apply to the entrance test

-seat for the entrance test on the stated date

-enroll to the course


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After finishing the exams and BEFORE leaving Pisa incoming students need to deliver the student record book and the Multiservice Card to the International Office Engineering. Starting from the delivery day, it will take at a few days for us to prepare the transcript of records and the leaving certificate. The leaving certificate will be dated with the date by which the student will come back to get the documents (no later date can be used); it can be prepared, upon request, of the format provided by the Home Institution.

Students wishing to include the Italian Language Course credits in the Transcript of Records need to hand out the CLI certificate attesting credits and mark.

As we will NOT be able to send paper original documents to your home institution, if paper copies of the leaving documents are needed, it is important to schedule the delivery in due time; on the contrary, scanned copies of the documents will be sent to both the student and the Home Institution after departure.

If the incoming student worked on a final project, he/she should ask his/her supervisor in Pisa to prepare an assessment report that to be attached to the transcript of records as a support for final evaluation that will take place at the Home Institution.

Once enrollment documents have been handed out and the final documents have been issued, Incoming students will not be allowed to come in Pisa to carry on activites in the frame of the mobility unless this is specifically authorized by the Home Institution (eventually, a certification is needed).