Erasmus +

-How can I know about existence of a Bilateral Agreement allowing me to take part in a mobility for study at UNIPI? In order to check about the existence of a Bilateral Agreement between the home institution and UNIPI, you need to contact the International Office at your home institution.

-How can I know if I can take part in a Traineeship mobility at UNIPI? Traineeship mobilities are based on a direct contact between the student and a supervisor at UNIPI. International Coordinator and the Engineering International Office can be contacted only after receiving confirmation from the supervisor.

-How do I know which are the courses that I can include in the Learning Agreement? Courses must be chosen with reference to the didactic offer of the relevant academic year and the semester during which the course is offered. Didactic Offer is available on UNIPI’s website both in Italian and in English translation. The updated academic offer is pubblished on UNIPI's website in June, yearly. The International Office Engineering will send nominated students a pdf file with the updated offer by mid-April.

-What should I do in order to include a final project work in my Learning Agreement? In order to include a final project work in the Learning Agreement you need to find a supervisor at UNIPI.

-In which language are the courses offered? Courses are mainly offered in Italian. The offer in English is limited to specific areas and degrees.

-Which is the application procedure to be followed in order to be accepted for a study mobility at UNIPI’s Engineering Departments?

The detailed procedure is available in the Erasmus+ Incoming page. It consists of 2 main parts: the first part in dome with the International Office Engineering, the second part is dome with the Central International Office.

-How do I enroll to UNIPI as a mobility student?

Enrolment at UNIPI is done by the Central International Office

-What do I need to do after arriving in Pisa?

-Go to the appointment previously fixed with Central International Office to complete enrollment and receive student documents

-Register (this is not mandatory) to the Italian Language Test*

-Only NON-EU nationals: apply for the Residence Permit. A post office receipt attesting submission of the application for a residence permit is mandatory in order to gent the appointment for enrollment.

Students accepted for a mobility at one of the Engineering Departments must also report, during the first days after arrival, to the International Office Engineering in order to receive the arrival certificate and for the final check of the Learning Agreement.

-Where do I find the International Office Engineering?

The International Office Engineering is located inside the School of Engineering (building B46 – Polo A) Largo Lucio Lazzarino, 1 - 56122 Pisa, Italy

-Which are the office opening days/hours?

Opening days/hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9,30 to 11,30

-What do I need to do before leaving Pisa, at the end of the mobility? After finishing the exams and BEFORE leaving Pisa incoming students need to deliver the student record book and the Multiservice Card to the International Office Engineering. Students wishing to include the Italian Language Course credits in the Transcript of Records also need to hand out the CLI certificate attesting credits and mark.

-Can I come back to repeat exams at UNIPI after the end of the mobility? Once enrollment documents have been handed out and the final documents have been issued, Incoming students will not be allowed to come back in Pisa to carry on activities in the frame of the mobility unless this is specifically authorized by the Home Institution (eventually, a certification is needed).