A Visiting Fellow is a scientifically qualified researcher who carries out scientific studies, research, collaboration and exchange activities within one of UNIPI’s Departments. The VF’s visit It can last for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 12 months.

Visiting Fellows are nominated via an application process or by invitation. In either case, acceptance is subject to approval by the hosting Department’s Board.

Candidates are welcome to submit their application request at any given moment during the year (except for the Departments that have foreseen additional internal rules with deadlines).

Visiting Fellows can be invited by:

•             Full professors and Associate professors of the department

•             Researchers with a permanent contract

•             Researchers with a fixed-term contract (only if employed by UNIPI during the whole stay of the VF)


The Visiting Fellow is considered a member of the Department. This means s/he can freely use the study and research facilities. The department provides the Visiting Fellow with an equipped workstation and complies with the national work and safety regulations. The Visiting Fellow receives temporary credentials to access the UNIPI’s internet network as well as an email address, valid for the whole visit period at the Department.

Visiting Fellows can be granted a reimbursement and eventual refund of the expenses that are documented in relation to the travel trip for work, the purpose of which was linked to completing scheduled activities. The refund must make reference to the specific research activities that were carried out as well as education programmes, lessons and seminars previously specified by the scientific representative. The refund can not exceed the gross amount of €3.000,00/month.

Italian language course at the Language Centre (CLI)

Based on availability and on the teaching schedule of the language courses offered by the UNIPI’s Language Center (CLI), the Visiting Fellow may be able to take an Italian language course at the discounted rate.

Visiting Fellow Activities

Throughout the entire duration of the visit period at the UNIPI, the Visiting Fellow carry out individual study, research, collaboration and scientific exchange activities as agreed by the scientific representative and as approved by the Department. At the end of the visit, the Visiting Fellow is encouraged to present the work carried out in the host Department by means of a public lecture or seminar.

During the visit period at the Department, the Visiting Fellow can teach certified activites within a a degree programme, a doctorate research course and a specialization course. The possibility to carry out teaching activites of any kind is subject to the possession of the necessary scientific qualifications and in any case needs to be agreed upon with the scientific representative at the Host Department and with the Dean of the Degree Course or the Coordinator of hte PhD Programme or the Director of the Specialization School.