Visiting Student is a student enrolled at an external Institution interested in completing a study period or an internship experience at one of University of Pisa (UNIPI)’s Departments, outside exchange or cooperation programmes. The visit can last for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 12 months.

Visiting Students can submit directly their application or they can be invited by a professor. In both cases, acceptance is subject to approval by the hosting Department’s Board.

Candidates are welcome to submit their application request at any given moment during the year (except for the Departments that have foreseen additional internal rules with deadlines).

Visiting Students can be invited by:

  • Full professors and Associate professors of the department
  • Researchers with a permanent contract
  • Researchers with a fixed-term contract (only if employed by UNIPI during the whole stay of the VS)



The Visiting Student is authorised to use the study and research facilities of the Department that complies with the national work and safety regulations. The Visiting Student will receive temporary credentials to access the UNIPI’s internet network as well as an email address, valid for the whole visit period at the Department.

Italian language course at the Language Centre (CLI)

Based on availability and on the teaching schedule of the language courses, the Visiting Student that will carry out a period of study or internship in the University of Pisa for a minimum of three months, will benefit from a free Italian language course at the CLI.

Those who are interested, after their arrival in Pisa, need to send and email to:, specifying their name, surname, host department and period of stay.


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