The University of Pisa and the Departments of Engineering pursue a strong internationalisation strategy, prioritazing the reserach and  nourishment of contacts with external partners, worlwide, so as to develop joint practices for a better teaching and research and to offer better opportunities to students, PhD candidates and teachers. 

International Cooperation Agreements are signed with two specific objectives:

-to establish or to strenghten cooperation with external institutions for joint research and teaching 

-to promote the institutional internationalization process, enhancing mobilities, both incoming and outgoing, in all areas and at all levels 

 There are different tipologies of Agreement (mostry Bilateral Agreements) such as:

  • Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreements with institutions from Programme Countries
  • Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreements with institutions from Partner Countries
  • Bilateral Agreements  with EU and extra EU Institutions outside Erasmus+ (MOUs, Cooperation Agreements)
  • Double Degrees Agreements
  • Joint Degrees Agreements
  • Joint supervision of PhDs
  • Consortium Agreements


The existing network of partnerships is very rich and includes International Partnerships for teaching and research activities 


Intl. coop