There are different types of International Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreements

Any kind of cooperation usually starts with a  Memorandum of Understanding  - MoU. The document, drafted either with the UNIPI  or the external Institution model, expresses a confluence of intents between the two parties and a reciprocal willingness to cooperate.

In many cases, in order to practically develop specific activites, it is then necessary to prepare a sign a more specific Supplementary Agreement.

At a more advanced level we have the Framework Cooperation Agreement, a Bilateral Agreement pertaining the whole University, bearing a description of the scientific and teaching areas for the cooperation and hints of activites and actions to be carried out. The Framework Cooperation Agreement can also be implemented by a Supplementary Agreement.

These different kind of Agreements are all signed by the Rector upon recommendation from one of UNIPi's Departments. 

Proposals are submitted to the approval of  UNIPI's Governing Bodies, the Academic Senate (first) and the Administrative Council  (after).

The International Cooperation Unit takes care of preparing the approval preliminary inquiry, after receiving the following:

•         a letter addressed to the Rector on part of the academic proposing the agreement  (to be sent at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ),    motivating the reson to establish the agreeement ;

•        The Department Board Decision, approving the proposal;

•         n. 2 original paper copies of the Agreement, signed by the partner Institution's Rector.

The agreement is usually compiled in English language. If the partener Institution need to compile a version in the local language then a version in Italian language is also needed.

The option to sign  International Cooperation Agreement at Departmental Level  is foreseen, occasionally, when the activites are mainly concentrated in a specific area and the offer is aimed at students and academmics of a single unit. In this case the signature is  under the Responsibility of the Heand of the Department, subject to approval on part fo the Department Board.  However, it is always preferable to have firstly signed a more general MOU.