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The EU Erasmus + Program for the Education, Training, Youth and Sport allows students to undertake a period of study and traineeship in the member countries of the European Union and in other countries participating to the program, with the achievement of ECTS that will be recognized by the home institution.

Students can carry out their mobility within the Member States of the European Union, the three countries of the European Economic Area and the EU candidate countries.

The Erasmus + call, in its different steps, is managed through the Erasmus Manager portal.

How to choose the mobility destination

The choice of the destination must be reached after consulting the details of the courses offered to mobility students and the related programs; students need to check the timing and procedures to send application documents that are required from host institutions.

Study mobilities are based on Bilateral Agreements that are signed between the home institution and the host institution.

In order to support students in the research of available options for Engineering Students based on the Department, cycle of studies and area of studies, we have prepared a Detail of Bilateral Agreements signed for study mobilities for 2018-2019 in the Engineering area. It is however always advisable to check availability on the Erasmus Manager portal.

Procedure for Engineering Students

In addition to what is foreseen in the Call, Engineering students need to do the following:

-Mobility for study: the choice of exams to be held abroad and the substitution in the personal study plan need to be formalized using the Change of the Study Plan Form that must be filled and then handed out to the Teaching Unit of the Department of provenance. A part from the cases of substitution of optional credits, the form requires the signature of the relevant teacher. Information on courses available at foreign institution can be obtained through the institutional website; it is also possible to obtain additional details contacting the Engineering International Office.

-Mobilities finalized at the preparation of a Thesis project: students need to obtain from the Thesis Advisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. The declaration must contain details regarding the number of months and the number of credits (a part or the whole of those necessary for the final project) to be acquired during the mobility. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to prepare the thesis project abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

-Mobilities finalized to the development of curricular traineeships: obtain from the Traineeship Advisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. Credits can eventually be supplementary to those needed to obtain the title if the traineeship activity is not among those included in the study curriculum of the Degree Course. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to undertake the traineeship activity abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

Any change that the student might need to apply to the mobility details must be proved following this same procedure.

In order to obtain the signature of the International Coordinators (CAI) on the Learning Agreement students need to contact the Engineering International Office at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Engineering International Office periodically organizes Information Events intended for Engineering students interested in mobilites abroad. Date and time of the events are announced in the "News and Events" section of the International website. 


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During your mobility you will be covered by the student's accident policy and liability insurance of Università di Pisa. Our University does not provide health care, for more information about the health care international system visit: Se parto per... and European Health Insurance Card. Attention: for non-EU people, the Italian Health Insurance card is NOT valid in the other European Countries! For more information go to USL 5 - PISA, Ufficio stranieri.

Language Courses

The Italian Language Center offers Erasmus outgoing students the possibility to obtain a certification for the knowledge of the English language at levels B1B2C1. Students can seat for the exam only after having been assigned a destination and only if the host institution mandatorily requires the certificate.

For the certification of knowledge of other languages (such as French, German, Russian and Portuguese) students can send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying name, surname, enrolment number, department, language and the requested level, dates of the Erasmus mobility e host institution details, language for the certificate.