Erasmus+ Call

-When is the Erasmus+ call published? The call is published, on a yearly basis, between March and April; it is then opened again at the end of September/beginning of October when the positions that are still avaialble can be assigned.

-When do I apply if a want to carry out a mobility in the second semester? Application should be done, preferably, during the first opening.

-How can I apply? Application must be done on-line, through the  Erasmus Manager Portal, within the opening timeframe.

-How do I know which are the available destinations for a study mobility? The list of possible destinations is available on the Erasmus manager Portal. Research options allow students to filter possible destinations based on the Department, study area, level of study. The number of months of the mobility can be equal or lower than the number that has been agreed upon between the institutions. Agreements can be jointly signed by two or all the Engineering Departments.

-If I want to follow courses and do exams, how do I choose the courses to be followed abroad? Selection of courses must be done after veryfing the Host Institution's offer (thorough the website, in the section dedicated to exchange students) and checking programmes of the courses that must also be submitted to UNIPI's teachers for approval. If the selected courses cover free activity, relevant programmes must be attached to the Change of the Study Plan Form and will be assessed by the Degree Board.

-How and when do I obtain approval of changes to the Study Plan on part of the Degree Course Board? Soon after receiving notice of the selection results, selected student must hand out the  Change of the Study Plan Form to their Departmental Teaching Unit. Only after receiving confirmation of approval can the student proceed with filling in the Learning Agreement and having it signed by the UNIPI's International Coordinator (CAI).

-How many credits should I acquire abroad? In case of a study mobility, the number of credits that can be acquired corresponds to what the student would have done in Pisa (60 credits in one year and 30 credits in a semester).  In case of a mobility for thesis, if only part of the work is done abroad, final project credits must be divided specifying how many will be acquired abroad and how many will be acquired at UNIPI. At the end of the mobility, 6 is the minimun of acquired credits that allow to receive the scholarshop final installment.

-Does selection on part of UNIPI guarantee admission at the Host Institution? No, after the selection procedure is closed, UNIPI nominates selected students at the assigned destination. Consequently, the student must apply to the Host Institution by the time and in the way that the Host Institution requires.

-If I want to do a final project, which kind of mobility should I choose? It is possible to choose both a mobility for study (and in this case we need to have an exchange agreement with the Host Institution) or a mobility traineeship (free choice).

-If I opt for a traineeship mobility, how do I choose the destination? In this case the choise is free. 

-Are there specific documents requested by the Engineering International Office in addidion to those listed in the call?

In addition to what is foreseen by the Call, Engineering students need to do the following:

-Mobility for study: the choice of exams to be held abroad and the substitution in the personal study plan need to be formalized using the Change of the Study Plan Form that must be filled and then handed out to the Teaching Unit of the Department of provenance. A part from the cases of substitution of optional credits, the form requires the signature of the relevant teacher. Information on courses available at foreign institution can be obtained through the institutional website; it is also possible to obtain additional details contacting the Engineering International Office.

-Mobilities finalized at the preparation of a Thesis project: students need to obtain from the Thesis Advisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. The declaration must contain details regarding the number of months and the number of credits (a part or the whole of those necessary for the final project) to be acquired during the mobility. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to prepare the thesis project abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

-Mobilities finalized to the development of curricular traineeships: obtain from the Traineeship Spervisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. Credits can eventually be supplementary to those needed to obtain the title if the traineeship activity is not among those included in the study curriculum of the Degree Course. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to undertake the traineeship activity abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

-How can I fill in the Learning Agreement? The Learning Agreement must be filled in compliance with the Call and the Guidelines attached to the Call. Filling in is made on-line (in particular for what concerns the total n. of credits to be acquired and the detail regarding the courses to be followed at the Host Institution and to be registered at UNIPI). Access to the Erasmus Manager Portal is done using the Alice credentials.

-How do I obtain the CAI's signature of the Learning Agreement? After having received approval of the mobility and its contents on part of the Board of the Dgree Course, it is possible to fill in on-line the LA (Before the mobility), print it , sign it and submit it for the signature of the Host Institution. For the CAI's signature on the Learning Agreement, the document must be sent to the Engineering International Office, by e-mail, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-What is the Erasmus Contract and where do I find it? The Erasmus Contract is the document signed by UNIPI and the student and it  covers administrative and financial details of the mobility. Mobility can start only after have been signed by all parts. 

-Which dates should I include in the Learning Agreement? Start and end date of the mobility on the Learning Agreement must correspond to those included in the Erasmus Contract.

-Which dates should I include in the Erasmus Contract? The Erasmus Contract should bear the exact date of the start and the end of the mobility.  The start date must be later that the date in which the Contract has been sent to the Central Offices and to the contersignature notice.

-What should I do when I arrive at the Host Institution? Within a few days after arrival the student needs to obtain a signed arrival certificate and upload it on Erasmus Manager

-When will I receive the scholarship payment? Scholarships will be paid according to the timing and ways detailed on each call. A first Installment (corresponding to 70% of the total amount) is usually transferred within 30 days after the upload of the arrival certificate. The final payment is usually transferred within 45 days after conclusion and validation of all bureaucratic matters after the end of the mobility.

-What happens if when I arrive at the Host Institution I want to change the courses I have included in the Learning Agreement? Any kind of change that the student needs to do during the mobility must be previously approved  following the same procedure used before departure. Changes must be recorded in the During the Mobility section  of the Learning Agreement (that needs to be filled in and then uploaded in the Erasmus Manager Portal).

-What happens if I want to extend the mobility after arrival at the Host Institution? After arrival at the Host Institution it is possible to extend the mobility duration provided that the number of months of the stay do not exceed the maximum of 12 months available for each study cycle. The extension must be requested, following the procedure as detailed in the Call and the Call Guidelines, not later than one month before the expected end of the mobility (as stated on the Contract). The extension requires the signature of a During the mobility section of the Learning Agreement and the subsequent upload on the Erasmus Manger Portal. 

-Will the extension be covered by the scholarship? In case of a mobility for study, months that are foreseen by the Bilateral Agreement will be covered by scholarship. In case of a mobility for traineeship, the extension will NOT be covered by the scholarship.

-What should I do at the end of the mobility? At the end of the mobility, the students needs to receive from the Host Institution the After the mobility section of the Learning Agreement. Alternatively, the Host Institution can issue  a Transcript of records (ToR) that needs to bear the mobility dates as well. The Learning Agreement After the Mobility should be signed on a date corresponding or later that the edn of the mobility date. The LA or ToR will have to be sent to the Engineering International Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the completion of the relevant part and its signature. Once the LA After is completed, the student will need to access the Erasmus Manager Portal, enter the need informatio  (with attention to the dates!) and upload the document.

-What do I need to do to obtain the transfer of the credits obtained aborad? At the end of the mobility, after the signature of the final secion of the Learning Agreement, the Engineering International Office will take care of registering  acquired credits in the student career on the base of what has been approved by the Board of the Degree Course before or during the mobility. 

-Am I covered by insurance during my mobility? During your mobility you will be covered by the student's accident policy and liability insurance of Università di Pisa. For more information about the health care international system visit: Se parto per... and European Health Insurance Card. Attention: for non-EU people, the Italian Health Insurance card is NOT valid in the other European Countries! For more information go to USL 5 - PISA, Ufficio stranieri.