free movers


We call "free movers" those students that do not participate in a specific UNIPI's exchange programme, as for example the Erasmus programme, nor to Internal Calls funding mobilities abroad, but choose on their own a potential host institution where to carry out a mobility and independently organize its details.

Authorization to follow courses at an external institution and consequently having the activites recongnized at UNIPI must the asked and  granted from the Board of the Degree Course. Students must be also formally accepted by the Host Institution they have chosen.

 Perspective Free Movers students must comply to the following procedure:

  1. Contact the potential Host Institution in order to verify admission procedures for free movers and proceed as for instructions. Enrollment costs to partcipate in the mobility are in this case totally at the student's expense. Moreover, during the mobility students must be up to date with payment of UNIPI's fees
  2. Obtain an Acceptance Letter on part of the Host Institution chosen for the mobility
  3. Fill in the Change of the Study Plan Form  detailing time schedule and contents of the mobility and obtaining the signature of teachers for the courses that will be replaced.
  4. Hand out the Form to the Departmental Teaching Unit, attaching the Host Institution Acceptance Letter. The Teaching Unit will forward the request to the President of the Degree Course Board so that the mobility and its contents can be formally approved.
  5. After formal approval, fill in the Learning Agreement (Before the mobility) that needs to be signed by the student and by the Host Institution and then handed out to the Engineering International Office for the CAI's signature.
  6. Proceed with the mobility, notifing exceptional changes in the duration or contents of the mobility through the During the mobility section of the LA (subject to approval from the Degree Course Board with the afore mentioned procedure).
  7. After completion of the mobility, hand out the After the mobility section of the Learning Agreement (or, as an alternative, a Transcript of Records), duly filled in and signed by the Host Institution to the Engineering International Office  in order to obtain registration of the mobility results in the personal student career.

Free Movers Students wishing to carry our a mobility abroad finalized at preparing the thesis project or at doing a traineeship activity (that can be included in the activities that are planned in the study path or not) need to contact the Departmental Teaching Unit so as to carry out all bureaucratic steps foreseen by each different Department to carry our these kind of activities outside UNIPI and abroad. Students will be asked to hand out, respectiviely, Declarationfrom the Thesis Advisor or Declaration from the Traineeship Supervisor, duly filled in and signed. 

Once the mobility for thesis or traineeship is formally approved by the Board of the Degree Course, the free mover student will fill in the Learning Agreement (for thesis/traineeship). He/she then proceeds with point 5, 6, 7 of the afore mentioned procedure.

After conclusion of the mobility, upon submission of the After the mobility section of the Learning Agreement or of any other document released from the Host Institution that unequivocally attests the mobility results, the Engineering International Office proceeds with noticing in the student career the relevant information with the result that, when the student graduate, the Students Secretariat registers in the student career the abroad experience and the info is visible in the Diploma Supplement.