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University of Pisa, with the aim of strengthen an international oriented strategy, highly encourage students mobility and the full recognition of activites carried out abroad by its students.

At this purpose, specific General Guidelines for the Transfer of Credits obtained abroad have been published with the aim of regulating the way of registering CFU obtained through learning activities (study, traineeship, thesis work) carried out abroad by students enrolled at UNIPI at externat Institutions of EU and non-EU contries and in the frame of EU programmes, Internal Calls, exchange agreements of free mover mobilites. 

The guidelines are inspired to the principle that all learning activites carried our abroad by a student must be registered in the student's career.

The official document used for the registration of learning Activities that are foreseen before departure and then effectively developed abroad is the Learning Agreement (for study and/or thesis, for traineeship and or/thesis) leading the student during the three stages of the mobility: Before-During-After.

The mobility and the details of its contents and the number for credits to be gained abroad and to be registered/recognized must be previously aprroved by the Board of the Degree Course. 

The LA must be signed by a representative of the host institution, from the students and, for UNIPI, form the Departmental International Coordinator (CAI).

If, for certain activites, a substitution in the study plan is not possible (for example traineeship activities not foreseen from the Degree Course curriculum) a corresponding  number of "extra-curricular" CFU must be registered in the career.

At the conclusion of the mobility, all CFU acquired abroad (with relevant marks in case of study mobilites), for activities included in the “Before the mobility” and/or “During the mobility” sections of the LA, and certified in the specific section of the LA (“After the mobility”), will be registered in the carees upon supervision on part of the Engineering International Office. It's not possible to reject a mark that has been registered by the host institution in the LA "after the mobility".

CFU that have been acquired for a thesis project of for extra-curricular activites, will be visible in the Diploma Supplement.

In case of a mobility done by a recently graduated student, the procedure for the release of the  Europass Mobility booklet with a certification of the activities carried out abroad, is done, upon request on part of the student, from the Central International Office.

In addition to what if foreseen for the Guidelines and from specific calls, Engineering students must comply with the following rules:

-For the study mobility: the selction of the courses to be done abroad and of the substitution on the personal study plan must be formalized through the compilation of the Change of the Study Plan Form that must be handed out to the  Teaching Unit of the Department of provenance.  A part from the cases of substitution of optional credits, the form requires the signature of the relevant teacher.

-Mobilities finalized at the preparation of a Thesis project: students need to obtain from the Thesis Advisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. The declaration must contain details regarding the number of months and the number of credits (a part or the whole of those necessary for the final project) to be acquired during the mobility. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to prepare the thesis project abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

-Mobilities finalized to the development of curricular traineeships: obtain from the Traineeship Advisor a declaration attesting availability to supervise the work that will be carried out abroad. Credits can eventually be supplementary to those needed to obtain the title if the traineeship activity is not among those included in the study curriculum of the Degree Course. However, it is still necessary to notify the decision to undertake the traineeship activity abroad to the Teaching Unit of the Department.

Any change that the student might need to apply to the mobility details must be proved following this same procedure.

In order to obtain the signature of the International Coordinators (CAI) on the Learning Agreement students need to contact the Engineering International Office at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.