The academic calendar defines  taught classes and exams timeframes for all the Engineering Study Courses

Engineering Departments  generally adopt a semester-based organization. Where a one-year solution is preferable, courses are usually divided in 2 semi-annual modules with exams in the middle. During this period it can happen that students are asked to seat for In questo periodo potranno essere tenute tests.

The first semester goes from September to February while the second semester goes from February to July.

The Engineering Study Courses, with the exception of the Study Courses in Building Engineering, follow the following criteria when defining the classes, practice activities and lab activities calendar:

  1. for teaching activites: the total workload for the student must be developed for 1/3 by following classes and/or practice activities and for 2/3 by individual study.
  2. for lab activites: the total workload must be equally diveded between lab practice and individual study. 


There are 7 exam sessions open to all students:

  1. 3 after the end of the first classes period and before the beginning of the second one  (winter sessions);
  2. 3 after the end of the second classes period and before the summer break (summer sessions);
  3. 1 in September.

By the rules of UNIPI's central relutation, session dates must be published at least 60 days before the beginning. 

Different exam sessions, specifically dedicated to students belonging to specific categories, are being organized:

  • students enrolled from a numebr of years exceeding normal duration of the study course;
  • parents with children under the age of 8;
  • during maternity;
  • students enrolled to single transition courses;
  • students repeating the year.

An oral test is scheduled In November for all categories. The test is directly organized by the teacher and not managed by the School. For exams that include a written or practical test, these can be done during other exam session.