The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed, as are the tools we use to design them. The mission of the Senseable City Laboratory, a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is to anticipate these changes and study them from a critical point of view. Not bound by the methodologies of a single field, the Lab is characterized by an omni-disciplinary, highly-collaborative approach: it speaks the language of designers, planners, engineers, physicists, biologists and social scientists. Through design and science, the Lab develops and deploys tools to learn about cities—so that cities can learn about us. This talk will present a portfolio of projects developed by the Lab over the last ten years, showing how blending the physical and digital worlds can open for new possibilities for the design of future sustainable cities.




- Fábio Duarte 

Principal Research Scientist, MIT Senseable City Lab


- Simone Mora 

Research Scientist, MIT Senseable City Lab

Adjunct Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


- Martina Mazzarello

Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Senseable City Lab


Date & Place

May 22 Aula Dini